Career stuff

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    Joined Ought to lead their engineering team (relevant blog post).
  2. Leave my role as VP of Technology at Spring (relevant blog post).
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    Teespring becomes Spring 🙌
  4. Leave the UK for Spain, and adjust to mostly-remote work.
  5. Move to London to set up a UK engineering team for Teespring.
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    Join Teespring as Engineering Manager
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    Aqui-hired into Square to build their Payroll product.
  8. Pivot WebMynd to become a developer tools platform. Now open-sourced at LibreForge.
  9. Co-found a knowledge assistant startup called WebMynd. Join Y Combinator's winter '08 batch.
  10. Software engineering @ IBM
  11. Finish Computer Science Tripos at Cambridge

Yes, thank you for noticing! I do try to arrange for major life events to happen in January. This is for simplicity and ease of remembering.

Outside of work

I'm a hobbyist woodworker. I’m learning to speak Catalan. I like hiking up hills and mountain biking down them. I play the trumpet poorly, and I'm getting worse every day. I love climbing and bouldering. I enjoy hard problems and learning new things with which to solve them.

I think a lot about Artificial Intelligence: specifically, how we can avoid AI catastrophe while using it wisely. I'm loosely aligned with Effective altruism, and the long-termist perspective commonly-found in that community.

I live in Oristà, a micro-village in rural Catalunya. My wife, Odette, is an author. Together, we operate an artist's retreat called Cel del Nord.

Get in touch

I would love to hear from you if:

  • You liked something I’ve posted on this blog
  • You didn’t like something I’ve posted on this blog
  • You’re working on something I seem to be interested in
  • You’d like to work together

I’m not looking for career opportunities, so please don’t contact me if you’re a recruiter. Thanks!